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Consider these 7 factors before building your website

If you’re considering going to a website developer to build your brand-new website for your business, keep in mind these suggestions for certain success.

Do you intend to launch a website for your brand or maybe you’re planning a re-launch? A website is a fantastic tool to aid in the growth of your business if you’re considering doing so. You can advertise the goods or services your company provides by having a website. It can also assist your company in gaining more consumers and credibility.

A lot of planning should be done in advance for your website to be successful. It’s critical to consider the components that your website ought to have before you go to a website developer to kick things off. Here are some things to consider before you start.

Get your branding in check

Your company is represented by your website. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully analyse its branding. Why? Visitors will be drawn to it, which will increase your overall return on investment. Building a fantastic site requires keeping branding in mind throughout the entire development process.

A website’s branding consists of the following:

  • Logo
  • Colour schemes, 
  • The core message, 
  • Design
  • Fonts 

A logo is extremely important to your company’s identity. Visitors might recognise your work thanks to your company’s logo. You can commission one from a graphic designer (psst…I can help you with that)! 

The main message of your brand should be conveyed through your website. When a visitor lands on your page, they should be able to immediately comprehend what you’re all about. It should link to that main theme in a consistent tone.

Your website’s colour schemes, layout, and fonts should support the tone and message of your brand.

Get your images optimised

Your website needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. You might need to optimise your photographs to make sure they are the right size for that to happen.

Your mobile customers and those with restricted bandwidth might expect a less-than-ideal experience if you distribute large photographs and photos throughout your site. Instead, strike the right mix between a speedy load time and high-quality images. You can anticipate benefits with a little resizing that will not only make your website appear excellent but also function more quickly.

Content, including a blog, should be at the top of your list 

Keeping your audience interested in your website is made easier by an active blog. Visitors to your blog should find useful information there. Regular content creation can boost website traffic and encourage users to stay on it longer.

A continuous blog also establishes your website as a reliable source of information. You’ll be the one people ask questions to!

Know your audience 

I frequently query brands about their target demographic. and they’ll say, “Everyone,” in return. Although I can see the reasoning behind this response, it is a basic reality that you cannot create for “everyone” (thus the wide variety of cars, apparel, technological gadgets, etc.) The goals of your organisation are more likely to be achieved by the site if you identify and design for your top two audiences.

An unbeatable SEO strategy 

A solid SEO plan is necessary for your website. To be successful, your website must be as visible as possible, and SEO makes your website more noticeable. Whenever potential customers use search engines, they almost certainly employ words and phrases related to the information on your website.

It is your duty (and mine if you use my services!) to make sure that your website is properly optimised so that it appears on the results page. Even if your website is near the bottom of Google’s page one, you might still receive thousands of views per month.

Decide on your domain name 

It’s difficult to find a personal domain name that you’re proud of. It only makes sense to have the same name for your website and your business if you plan to build one. But if you are still looking for the ideal name, you might need to come up with a few suggestions. A domain name gives your website the chance to establish its brand.

It is crucial to have a domain name that appeals to your target audience and is memorable. The domain name of your website can be used to brand you on all social media sites, making it simpler for people to locate you.

Get your digital marketing in place 

When your website goes online, you’ll immediately realise just how difficult it can be to attract visitors, even though you may have thought that constructing your website was the difficult part! You need digital marketing for it and, thankfully for you, I can help with that!

I will help you to work out a plan to increase awareness of your website and drive traffic your way. We’ll take into account the types of online marketing strategies that make the most sense for your website. As a brand, you need to make the decision to commit to continual marketing initiatives that draw your audience to you if you want to accomplish your set goals. 

Feel free to ask for my help! 

I am here to help! With my years of experience, I specialise in creating digital strategies in tandem with offline ones proven to deliver results. My goal is to be an extension of your team by bringing in innovative ideas, sharing knowledge that will bring positive results, and building the digital marketing strategy that your business is looking for. Let’s talk! Feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn or alternatively drop me an email at [email protected]

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