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I want to help you
increase your leads through effective digital marketing.

What Can I Offer?

Set yourself up for success. I will build a digital strategy for you and your team by fully immersing myself in understanding you and your business goals. By setting a clear pathway with well-defined milestones, I can create an effective strategy that is in line with your business’s core values, mission and goals.

Digital Media Audit

A deep assessment of all your active media channels and an evaluation of how effective they are in your current campaign. A digital audit is useful to conduct in advance of the planning stage of your strategy so that we can build a foundation on historical performance and understand the available channels to include in your new strategic plan.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Using this research, I will then build your strategy keeping your goals and KPIs in mind. This will include building your target audience personas and identifying and filling in the gaps in your conversion funnel.

Digital Marketing Tactics

With the digital marketing strategy in mind, I will then create an organic and paid media strategy using a combination of marketing tactics like social media, email marketing, display advertising, search engine optimisation, Google Adwords, and others.

Content Strategy

My service goes beyond digital marketing strategy recommendations. I will help you build a content strategy to better communicate with your customers including website content, blogs, emails, video, and social media content including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Project Management

If the need arises, I also offer project management, working closely with your in-house or freelancer team with the aim of building an effective digital marketing campaign in line with the strategy given.


I am at your service. I will be your outside advisor helping you to create the right marketing strategy for your business needs, determining your marketing message and identifying the appropriate mix to get the message across to your audience.

About Gordon.

I am an independent digital marketing consultant in Malta. With 17 years of experience, I specialise in creating digital strategies and leading digital products that deliver results. My disciplined and target-oriented approach has led me to work with a number of successful local and international brands.

With an eye for detail and a drive for prompt but effective execution, my goal is to be an extension of your team by bringing in innovative ideas, sharing knowledge that will bring in positive results, and building a digital marketing strategy that your business is looking for.

Why me?

There’s no need to get a full-time digital specialist on your team. Hire only when you need one. Hiring me as your digital marketing consultant will result in less cost, higher expertise, and broad knowledge of different industries.


I will identify new opportunities

Through my experience working in a number of different industries, I have learnt to identify the right opportunities for businesses, helping them to substantially increase their numbers in less than a year.


I think outside the box

The sky is the limit. The beauty of digital marketing is that there are so many elements to explore. I can help you make your audience believe in your product as much as you do!


I will get the point

Most things are fast-paced, including the world of digital marketing. I am quick on my feet and I am not afraid to draw the line and take action.