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Case Study

A Digital Marketing Strategy that plays on psychology and perception.

The Client

Ta’ Frenc Restaurant has been a haven and a hidden gem in the Maltese Islands for discerning diners for almost forty years. Internationally renowned for its exceptional food, excellent ambience and sophisticated wine cellar, the restaurant is a well-known beauty just off the main road from Victoria to Marsalforn. Ta’ Frenc Restaurant was also listed in the very first Michelin online guide in 2020 and this prestigious award has been renewed yearly ever since. 

The Objective 

The client approached me as a digital marketing consultant due to a roadblock that they had been experiencing for the last couple of years. Although Ta’ Frenc Restaurant is a household name in the local industry, most perceive this restaurant as only fit for special occasions, an intimate dinner with a loved one, and even, in some cases, a restaurant that is too elite. The management at Ta’ Frenc wanted to change that perception and open up this dining experience for everyone looking to enjoy lunch or dinner with friends and family. The objective was to show that Ta’ Frenc is accessible to everyone and that a relaxed and comfortable dining experience is also possible at this venue. 

My Approach 

Marketing Strategy

After understanding the management’s struggle, my role commenced by analysing their current strategy and what needed to change to communicate this inclusiveness to the audience. The team wanted to revolutionalise the current cuisine experience which is why we started with revisiting the menu and service. However, my mission was to communicate what was happening at the back-of-house to the public. 

Communication Strategy

The Ta’ Frenc team placed immense hard work to revolutionise the restaurant’s menu and service. My mission was to work on changing the audience’s perception of Ta’ Frenc and to entice them to book and join the new culinary experience. Whether they wanted a casual night out, an intimate dinner or a family gathering, we wanted to communicate that the obvious option is to be Ta’ Frenc. New menu items were placed on display all over social media through the use of impeccable photography and videography. 

Social Media Campaign 

We wanted to portray the time, effort and dedication that the Ta’ Frenc team takes in producing each menu item from scratch. Using seasonal ingredients, the chef takes pride in creating original and unique items and we wanted the audience to be enticed enough by the process to make a booking to experience it for themselves. This was made possible by a series of photography and short videos portraying raw ingredients, the process of making that dish, and finally, the materialised delectable menu item that can be served at lunch and/or dinner. The Travellers music, a well-known Gozitan band, was used as background music to further emphasise this inclusivity that Ta’ Frenc wanted to portray to its audience. 

The Results 

An inclusive brand for all 

Our hard work materialised into what we wanted to achieve. Through the new and improved communication strategy, Ta’ Frenc became known as more than just an intimate restaurant. 

An increase in bookings and customer satisfaction

This inclusivity resulted in more bookings from loyal customers for more than just their ‘occasion’ dinner. However, our strategy also attracted new customers which is, ultimately, the end goal for all restaurants in the business.

Client Testimonial 

Gordon, as a digital marketing consultant, has a clear understanding of the challenges that the industry faces and, with his continuous consultation, he was able to bring out the necessary communication to help us bring new customers. This was the ultimate reward for us to see customers trying our restaurant for the first time. 

Thomas Curmi & Joseph Tabone – Directors

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