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Unveiling Malta Consumer Trends for 2024

National Survey Research Report

The Malta Consumer Trends event dove deep into the intricacies of local consumer behaviour. During the event, we presented our comprehensive nationwide survey, focusing specifically on the Maltese consumer feedback.

And now, we are making the detailed report summarising the results from our survey available to you.

Unraveling market dynamics

The report provides vital insights into local market trends and consumer preferences, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in your business ventures.

Key Insights

  • The frequency of food-related expenditures underscores these markets as a significant portion of overall purchase instances.

  • Substantial spending on lifestyle enhancements and home environment emphasises the importance of personal well-being and domestic comfort.

  • A balanced integration of digital exploration and the indispensable role of physical retail advocates for a unified shopping experience.

  • Central themes of convenience, competitive pricing, and superior product quality across demographics point to areas for strategic emphasis to meet evolving consumer expectations.

  • Leveraging analytics for personalised engagement, adopting an omnichannel approach, and prioritising product quality and pricing strategies to align with consumer trends are just some of the strategic imperatives suggested.

  • The findings advocate for a forward-thinking approach, urging enterprises to innovate and adapt to secure growth in Malta’s ever-evolving consumer market.

Perspectives from the pioneers

During the Malta Consumer Trends event, movers and shakers from diverse spheres of expertise took the stage to highlight the pivotal role of consumer trend analysis in contemporary business landscapes.
Listen to snippets from experts including: Dr Gege Gatt, Karl Laspina, Prof. Christian Colombo, Suzanne Spiteri, Claire Abela, Dr Joseph Gerada and David Grech, as well as co-organisers Gordon Borg Urso and Gordon Theobald. Their expertise sheds light on why staying ahead of consumer trends is vital for businesses striving to thrive in an ever-evolving market.
Watch the videos here:

A tribute to our partners

The Malta Consumer Trends event stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in driving business excellence.

Thanks go to our sponsors, esteemed panellists, and attendees for making this event one to remember.

Listen to the panellists during the business breakfast event:

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Gordon Borg Urso

A seasoned digital marketing consultant dedicated to transforming businesses through powerful online strategies. With 20 years of hands-on experience, he has collaborated with thriving local and global brands across diverse sectors. As your digital guru, he specialises in crafting tailored solutions to boost your online presence and supercharge sales.

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B2B Malta Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services, including feasibility studies, ongoing compliance, and flexible workspace solutions. It supports businesses at all stages of development, fostering growth for startups and established enterprises alike. Its emphasis on collaboration between academia and business promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. With over 20 years of market research experience, B2B Malta Ltd is dedicated to making market research more accessible and affordable in Malta. It has collaborated with a number of renowned local research agencies, major international research agencies and undertaken a variety of ad-hoc research projects in Malta. It provides critical insights and data that enable businesses to make informed choices and strategies.

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